From his childhood, comics and fashion illustration have influenced his pen line and bring him naturally to his favorite subject: the Human in its universality and the Man in its peculiarity.


Driven by curiosity and intuition, her artistic impulse is basically joyful: she offers us a graphic universe – eclectic, made up of a mix of ideas, styles with recognizable and personal style, liberated from an aesthetic ideal that is nevertheless present.

Initiated by Keith Haring, african art and the drawings of children, Riskwait Christoff traces without preparatory drawings. The line is free and spontaneous.

 The process is available in all media, and makes its productions – and reproductions – unique and authentic.

Drawings made with markers and collages, in which he explores many themes: dream, sexuality, music…


Riskwait Christoff reinterprets the image to signify the sublimated personality.

His interest in fashion in its artisanal dimension and pure creation, have initiated him to this reinvention approach from a base...

His [re] interpretations pay tribute to his peers, known and unknown, and also refer to all that he has been able to gather in terms of images and feelings through books, movies, clips, web...

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